Mondino Wines is a London-based agency business bringing honest, raw and delicious Portuguese wines to the UK wine scene. Our mission is to introduce consumers to a mostly unknown facet of Portugal’s viticultural tradition: wines made by real farmers, from the most diverse array of indigenous grapes, grown in regions largely untouched by time.

Far from Port or the over-oaked reds on which the country has built its reputation, we work with wines made with minimal intervention and minimal pretension. Our producers steer clear of new oak and are hands-off in the cellar, and that’s how we like it. After months of research, our portfolio has a small but exciting collection of natural wines marked by incredible purity of fruit, freshness and drinkability. Most importantly for us, they are wines that reflect their origins, and we can’t wait for you to discover them.

“Our wines are pure, a true representation of where they are grown, but most importantly they are authentic and delicious”.