António Marques da Cruz is now responsible for taking care of his beloved and historical Quinta da Serradinha a family-owned winery located on the limestone’s slopes of the Serra d´Aire, located in the outskirts of the city of Leiria, about 20 km from the Atlantic coast. This region benefits from its cool climate due to proximity of the Ocean to produce wines with refreshing minerality and good aging potential.

The vineyard has a total of 6 hectares and vines aging from 20 to 60 years total, some dating back from 1950s. Organic certification was attributed to the winery in 1994 and is believed to be one of the first in the Encosta D’Aire to go organic which created a lot of controversy with neighbours and in Portugal. António believes strongly in practicing organically to help promote and enhance the ecosystem and encourage biodiversity. He currently leads a new generation of winemaking in the country, promoting indigenous native varietals along with low intervention practices. All of his wines are produced artisanally the traditional way that was carried in Portugal for centuries with practices such as barefoot treading in large open vats, followed by soft pressing of the must which is then moved by gravity into seasoned old oak barrels for fermentation. A total of only 15.000 bottles are produced a year which are highly sought after among wine lovers worldwide.